Monday, July 25, 2011

Look beyond your shit. Everyone craps too.

I've realised i'll always be sad about some things. 
I've realised i'll always be happy about others.

But what I realise the most is this...

Wondering will never get you anywhere. 
If you have questions, ask them. 
Confront your fears, and face your challenges.

Being strong is admitting your weaknesses. 
Weaknesses make you special. 
Weaknesses make you better than me. 
My Weaknesses make me better than you.
But know that we are equal and never better than one another.

Life is about contradicting everything you learn, but still holding it to value.

You're who you are through the mistakes people make that affect you.
But also through the mistakes you make yourself. 

Life is and can be positive as long as you see the negatives too.

If we didn't have bad moments, how could we tell when the good ones were happening?

You have a lot to learn.

It's important to push through the shit. Stand up to the bad. Scream to the darkness. And fight for your right to shine in the already seemingly brighter world. It doesn't matter if its daylight around you. A torch still works in daylight, its just harder to see it when you're holding it. But that light is still there. It's always there.

It's that moment you realise it's always been there that you're searching for. Just hold on to the one fact that even though it seems like there is a never ending sadness that is overwhelming... Know that there is light.. somewhere in the world. That's what reaching happiness is about. Knowing there is good. Even if it feels like you can't have it... Because just knowing is the beginning to getting.

Dear reader of this poem here,
I wish to speak so listen clear,

So in this life, you will find,
A mass of trials that do bind,

All the problems you will face,
and throw you in a hard cold place.

But I want to tell you softly,
you forget far too oftly,

When you seek the good in all,
within yourself I see downfall.

When spending time being nice,
within yourself there comes a price,

All the good things that you say
to yourself, they go away...

Your heart, it twists into hate
and internally you will grate,

Upon all the good things that have stood
within your heart, forget what's good.

I know this path of which you wander,
The light at the end seems so yonder.

But from a friend who has been there,
I whisper softly, don't despair.

These things within ourselves we tell,
come from a deep self-loathing hell.

And I can vouch for the hard-rock task,
of being lost and needing to ask,

For some help, of which we're scared,
will not come if pleas are heard.

But please, I beg, do not despair,
for, for you, I will be here.

It is my job, as your friend,
to stick with you until the end.

And furthermore into the light,
where together we'll ignite,

The darkness that... haunts us both,
so, I say, please keep me close.

Not just me though, the rest too,
I promise they're as good as glue.

To keep you sane and well grounded,
Coz this is why, friendship was founded.

Smile once, at least a day,
The light will come, your own way.

Be not ashamed of who you are,
you try you best with outstretched arms,

And one day soon, your hands will reach,
The edge of happiness and breach,

Through the waters of apparent sad,
and a feeling of warmth will wash with glad,

upon your face and body too,
know we'll always be here for you.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

What's important is that I know who you are.

Twas the twilight in an era of sadness. For what had passed was going.
Beneath a radient glow of epic sorrow, I saw you hunched with tears.

Upon a rock of malignant despairing, you did sit in silence. Not unlike a thing of lonely, to which it bides its time. 

There are things, within this world, of which you cannot control. Of which you see, are not so nice, and of which are cruel. 

Down a winding path you travel. Alone with fears and broken hopes. 
Seemingly never ending, and filled with revelled hopelessness, you seem to cry in pain.

But what you don't realise.... What you do not see... Is that although you walk this journey as an individual, you always have me.

I am like a silent shadow. I watch and I stay close.
But you will never be alone, although it seems it is so. 

Lift your head and wipe your eyes. Show strength I know you have.
Do not falter, in your ways, because YOU  are the better.

It is love, that which tears, you paper thin heart. But remember, that in time, it will repair together.

A fear of loneliness grips you. You think I can't see, but I do.
Stop worrying about the times you will be without a partner, and remember what I am. 

I am the ladder when all seems too high. I am the rock when you need to lean. 
I am the silent listener. I am the cuddle when you need it. 

I am your friend. I am your plutonic love. 
I am, while there isn't one, your significant other.

I know, when you do not, who you are. 

You are strong. You are beautiful. You are the one who know the right path to choose.
I have confidence in your abilities, so when you don't, trust in me, I trust in you.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Friendships are like alcohol. You love them, they make you laugh & are just a little bit inappropriate at times.

If you have a best friend forever.

That someone who makes your stomach hurt with laughter.

That other person, who, if you two weren't so connected by everything, would almost be a couple.

That guy or girl, who can say anything to your dainty ears, no matter how outrageous, how politically incorrect, how naughty... they'll always get away with it.

Give them a hug. Or a call, and tell them that they're amazing.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Like scaffolding on a building, you will always have support.

What happened to those days of old, when I was young and so bold?

What happened to my brave young face, where did it go? Where is that place?

I feel like that, in my learning, all I’ve done is learnt a yearning…

To go back, to being young and free, I oh how I hate mature me…

Where do I go when I need help? Its like I’m wading through problem kelp.

I’m in a sea of doubt and fear, of what? I don’t know, listen dear…

I struggle fairly, you do too… This is why I ask of you…

Struggle with me, be my friend, we’ll drown together til the end.

I know it sounds rather morbid, but in fact its not so sordid.

We are a kin, a friends of type, the bestest ever its no hype.

I’ll hold your hand as we drag down, because with you, I’ll never frown.

To be alone that is a valid fear, but you won’t be when I am near.

Like a majestic whale breaching, you can bet I’ll be teaching…

That like me, you are in shit, but together we’ll get through it…

Like two peas, within a pod, I look at you and I nod…

An affirming smile for you, you see, that you and I are meant to be…

Two friends of which can hold these hands, together through these harsh harsh lands…

With support and many laughs, well tackle through, like the sturdiest of glue…

I have my doubts, I sometimes fear, that what’ll I say you’ll not want to hear…

But I think, and I remember, of us two, you are a member.

There is nothing of which we can say, of which the other will be like “HEY?!”

Because of this supernatural bond, like dinosaurs and ghosts in a pond…

We can say the most outlandish things, and with this privilege, to us it brings…

A feeling of trust and odd being, that what we’re witnessing and seeing…

Is support and a caring smile, which in the end is all worth while…

Like squids in heat, or rats that plague, together we will be so vague…

Like rocks that roll, down the hill, we’ll never falter in our will…

To look after, one another, like a bestial lion mother.

So my dear, come on down, I’ll help you go from this tired frown...

To a gradual, growing smile, where like crocodiles on the nile,

You’ll be content and cheery, no longer sad and teary…

We'll be laughing and sashaying, like a crazy lady with her cats playing.

How to deal with the hard bits...

Take a friend and talk while they listen. It works every time.