Saturday, February 26, 2011

What's important is that I know who you are.

Twas the twilight in an era of sadness. For what had passed was going.
Beneath a radient glow of epic sorrow, I saw you hunched with tears.

Upon a rock of malignant despairing, you did sit in silence. Not unlike a thing of lonely, to which it bides its time. 

There are things, within this world, of which you cannot control. Of which you see, are not so nice, and of which are cruel. 

Down a winding path you travel. Alone with fears and broken hopes. 
Seemingly never ending, and filled with revelled hopelessness, you seem to cry in pain.

But what you don't realise.... What you do not see... Is that although you walk this journey as an individual, you always have me.

I am like a silent shadow. I watch and I stay close.
But you will never be alone, although it seems it is so. 

Lift your head and wipe your eyes. Show strength I know you have.
Do not falter, in your ways, because YOU  are the better.

It is love, that which tears, you paper thin heart. But remember, that in time, it will repair together.

A fear of loneliness grips you. You think I can't see, but I do.
Stop worrying about the times you will be without a partner, and remember what I am. 

I am the ladder when all seems too high. I am the rock when you need to lean. 
I am the silent listener. I am the cuddle when you need it. 

I am your friend. I am your plutonic love. 
I am, while there isn't one, your significant other.

I know, when you do not, who you are. 

You are strong. You are beautiful. You are the one who know the right path to choose.
I have confidence in your abilities, so when you don't, trust in me, I trust in you.

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