Monday, July 25, 2011

Look beyond your shit. Everyone craps too.

I've realised i'll always be sad about some things. 
I've realised i'll always be happy about others.

But what I realise the most is this...

Wondering will never get you anywhere. 
If you have questions, ask them. 
Confront your fears, and face your challenges.

Being strong is admitting your weaknesses. 
Weaknesses make you special. 
Weaknesses make you better than me. 
My Weaknesses make me better than you.
But know that we are equal and never better than one another.

Life is about contradicting everything you learn, but still holding it to value.

You're who you are through the mistakes people make that affect you.
But also through the mistakes you make yourself. 

Life is and can be positive as long as you see the negatives too.

If we didn't have bad moments, how could we tell when the good ones were happening?

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