Monday, December 20, 2010

For The Love Of Friendship.

Twas a sunny day, betwixt with the lush aroma of copulation.
The two lovers lay, intwined within each others skin.
Twas uncomfortable, as they has just made love sweatily.
Naught did they careth about the sweat which did drop and drip amongst their form.
For love they were in.

Love. As basic as water. As complex as maths. As logical as unicorns. As beautiful as sharks.
The two stared with eyes, into each others eyes. Twas a sight of humble warmth and sadness.
As much as the lovers enjoyed spending time together. Drinking Rockstar. Touching different textures. Other stuff...
They were fated to spend an indefinite time apart.
That sucked.

Love. Cruel and lonesome.
Love. Magical, like 3D Movies.
Love. Difficult and painful.
Love. Worth it. A million times over.

She lay there in pain. Her heart-a-breaking. Life ceasing to mean anything.
He lay there... too. His heart-a-breaking. Life ceasing to...mean...anything...ALSO!

She leaned in and softly kissed he with lips and such.
He leaned in also reciprocating such actions with his also lips.

Their time was growing short. Their love growing stronger.
The world was splitting in two it seemed for the lovers of love.

"Not matter" he cried in valiant...ness. "Twould be a world of darkness if we were to deny ourselves of such rare passion and beauty"
Her eyes glazed over. Her lacrimal ducts swelled, her eyes secreted liquid emotion. Twas a lone tear that swept her face like an old lady from Korea hopelessly cleaning the sidewalk.

"My love" he said. "I will always love you" he said. "Always" he said.
"I know" she replied. "It's is just, an occasion of hardness" she replied.
"Tis" he said as he replied. "Tis indeed" he said as he replied.

Their time together at that time was drawing to a close.
The sun of strong heart-emotions was setting.

"Its going to end" she whispered silently to herself.
"Why would it?" he replied without hesitation...

Tis no truer word than what he spoke of.

Love is as strong as you believe it to be.
Love is as unwavering as you allow it to be.
Love is an emotion experienced by all, but cannot be proven by another.

THIS LOVE IS YOURS. It is your sacred gift to give to another. It is only as wrong as breathing. As wrong touching yourself when you are alone.

This love is beautiful. It is real. It is meaningful. It is heart-breaking. It is painful.

That is why it is worth hanging onto.

Remember what you have right now. Look forward to what is coming later. But live now, knowing that what you have is more special than anything else you'll ever experience.

He loves you.

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